• Powerful 1400W, Quiet Operation
    • Ceramic far infrared
    • Over-heating protection
    • Convenient hanger ring for easy storage
    • Concentrator nozzle included


    • Ceramic Far Infrared

      Far infrared released naturally by ceramic can be deeply into the skin surface, promoting metabolism, double care hair.

    • Negative Ion

      Large number of negative ion help producing protection on hair surface and lock the water, Reduce the static hairy, hair gets smooth and soft.

    • Overheating Protection

      When the blower is overheated, the protective device is activated immediately and automatically stops to protect the user and the product.

    • Big Air Volume

      Shorten blowing time. Efficiently blow dry hair could avoid damaging hair from hot air.

    • Cool Air Function

      Cool air gently blow hair could speed up and help setting hairdo.

    • Double Iinsulation Power Cord

      Double-layer insulation power cord enhance users safety.

    • Concentrator Nozzle

      Concentrating air, blows hair more efficiently.

    • Hanger attachment

      Compact size and convenient to storage.

    • Hair diffuser

      A great tool to get frizz-free and gentle curl wave hair.

    • Delicate Shiny Display Indicator

      Fashionable design LED indicators.

    Product specifications

    Model no.  TS-60
    Commodity ION / F.I.R. hair dryer
    Voltage 110 or 220V AC
    Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
    Wattage 1400W
    Temp. 95℃ 
    Weight 620gm
    Size 214.5x84x212mm



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